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Beta Testing that Delivers Smarter Feedback for Better Results.

When it comes time to beta test your mobile, tablet or web app, don’t settle for paid testers who only focus on functionality. ¬†betaCrowd finds testers who match your consumer demographics and creates a testing setup that unearths critical user experience insights. So you can learn how real people interact with your app, gain invaluable data, find bugs and release a better final product.

Not Just Any Crowd - Your Crowd

We use powerful profiling tools to source consumers who match the core of your target market. Each person is carefully screened to ensure unbiased feedback. These are real people using your app just like your customers and providing data that helps you deliver a user experience that truly works for and engages your audience.


Data As Soon As 48 Hours

Once testers receive their questions, we can deliver a full data set within 48 hours. Plus, we can even give you access to a real-time view of responses as they come in. This gives you the power to test, adjust and re-test quickly and efficiently, so you can deliver the best app in the fastest possible time.

betaCrowd Makes it Happen

We have cultivated relationships and built partnerships that enable us to quickly find the right people, design the proper testing set-up, ensure the quality of data coming in, and get you beta testing results that truly enhance your product. So the moment you’re ready for beta testing, betaCrowd is ready to go, helping you get the most useful data.


An Affordable Solution

Our streamlined process reduces overhead and saves time to reduce your costs of product testing. This enables you to focus your resources where they matter most – on using the betaCrowd data to refine and enhance your app so that it delivers the right experience, right at launch.

Beta test with betaCrowd

Every app is different – so is every betaCrowd solution.

A Better Way to Beta

Almost every industry uses market and consumer research to enhance their products. But when it comes to mobile application, we saw that research and valuable consumer feedback wasn’t being applied as effectively or efficiently as it could be. Most beta testing is focused on fixing bugs and broken functionality, while missing an opportunity to uncover critical consumer usage data.

betaCrowd is changing that. Using years of experience in the research field, we’re bringing our expertise to mobile, table and web app developers. By sourcing profiled testers and enabling real-time access to how those consumers are using the app, we give you the ability to not only fix potential bugs, but to refine the user experience and launch the best possible product.

With betaCrowd, you have an agile, rapid, and cost-effective partner who is focused on helping you improve your application throughout the development life cycle.

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